Bright Chrome
Bright Chrome (BC)

Sometimes referred to as Polished Chrome, solid brass base, highly polished, nickel base coat with a durable chrome top coat. Easy to maintain and our most durable finish.

Satin Nickel
Satin Nickel (SN)

Still our most popular plated finish, solid brass with a fantastic, flat satin nickel plating, no brushwork. A superbly versatile finish that will stand the test of time.

Polished Nickel
Polished Nickel (PN)

Solid brass base, finished with our beautifully subtle nickel plating, silver with hints of yellow. Superb in contemporary or traditional interiors. Clean with any quality nickel polish.

Polished Brass
Polished Brass (PU)

Solid brass, expertly polished to a high sheen, pure and simple with nothing added to allow the natural aging process or keep it polished with any good brass cleaning products.

Fine Antique
Fine Antique (FA)

Hand polished brass, lightly patinated and brushed to highlight and contrast. Finished with a durable wax coating.

Vintage Nickel
Vintage Nickel (VN)

Nickel plated brass, skilfully patinated by our team of craftsmen, followed by hand distressing and wax polishing.

Vintage Patina
Vintage Patina (VP)

Hand polished brass base, matt treatment before patinated to a rich dark brown, lightly distressed for highlights. Finished with a durable wax coating.

Matt Black Chrome
Matt Black Chrome (CB)

Our latest addition to our plated finishes, a four step process developed by our highly skilled team of finishers, this is a completely matt black plated finish. Highly durable and practical for interior or exterior use.


Tan (TA)

A lighter nutty brown leather, supplied with a natural colour thread. Ideal for studies, bedrooms, painted and lighter woods. Goes particulary well with Polished and Satin nickle.

Chestnut (CN)

A deep, rich reddy brown, supplied with a natural thread as standard.

Chocolate (CT)

A classic dark brown, a very versatile colour but particularly great with Oaks and dark woods and colours, sold with a dark stitch as standard

Slate Grey
Slate Grey (GC)

Our latest addition, very much on trend at the moment, set to be a future classic. Supplied with a silver grey thread.

Black (BL)

A solid classic, sold with black stitching as standard, a safe choice with any background.

White (Special order)
White (Special order) (BW)

White leather, white thread and white edging for a clean and very contemporary look.

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