We have developed a variety of unique finishes suitable for any interior or exterior project.


Learn more about maintaining our solid brass finishes.

Our living finishes are designed to change with time and use. Our brass components are polished and then treated using a number of different processes to change the surface, either by accelerated aging as with the Vintage and Burnished finishes or brushing as with our Satin Brass.

All living finishes are finished with a highly durable wax, which will wear according to use, we do not use Lacquer, so as to avoid uneven blotchy wear. Brass living finishes can be used outdoors, but will be subject to the specific atmosphere of the location and change accordingly.

brass living

Polished Brass (PU)

Solid brass, expertly polished to a high sheen, pure and simple with nothing added to allow the natural aging process or keep it polished with any good brass cleaning products. LV-EXT

Vintage Patina (VP)

Hand polished brass base, matt treatment before patination to a rich dark brown, lightly distressed for highlights. Finished with a durable wax coating. LV-EXT

Fine Antique Brass (FA)

Hand polished brass, lightly patinated and brushed to highlight and contrast. Finished with a durable wax coating. LV-EXT

Satin Brass (TW)

Hand polished, then wire brushed for a golden finish. Wax coated. This finish will darken with age unless kept polished. LV-INT

Vintage Nickel (VN)

Nickel plated brass, skilfully patinated by our team of craftsmen, followed by hand distressing and wax polishing. LV-INT

brass plated

Bright Chrome (BC)

Sometimes referred to as Polished Chrome, solid brass base, highly polished, nickel base coat with a durable chrome top coat. Easy to maintain and our most durable finish. PL-EXT

Polished Nickel (PN)

Solid brass base, finished with our beautifully subtle nickel plating, silver with hints of yellow. Superb in contemporary or traditional interiors. Clean with any quality nickel polish. PL-INT

Satin Nickel (SN)

Still our most popular plated finish, solid brass with a fantastic, flat satin nickel plating, no brushwork. A superbly versatile finish that will stand the test of time. PL-INT

Matt Black Chrome (CB)

The latest addition to our plated finishes, a four step process developed by our highly skilled team of finishers, this is a completely matt black plated finish. Highly durable and practical for interior or exterior use. PL-EXT


Learn more about maintaining our solid hammered finishes.

hammered living

Polished Brass (PU)

Solid brass, expertly polished, then hammered and polished a second time to a high sheen, with subtle light refraction. Either allow the natural aging process or keep it polished with any good brass cleaning products. LV-EXT

Burnished Brass (BH)

For our hammered finishes we use a more gentle technique to patinate. Each piece is hand burnished to break the surface before being patinated, then subtly distressed, hand polished and waxed to give a luxurious antique finish, highlighting every hammer blow perfectly. LV- EXT

Burnished Nickel (NH)

Polished solid brass, individually hammered, then nickel plated before being hand burnished, patinated and distressed to be finished with a wax finish. Eight pairs of hands before assembly, QA and packing. LV-INT

hammered plated

Bright Chrome (BC)

Solid brass hand polished then individually hammered, before plated with a crisp and bright chrome plating. Highly reflective hammer blow texture that is easy to maintain and our most durable finish. PL-EXT

Polished Nickel (PN)

As with Chrome, solid brass, polished, hammered and re polished before being finished with our beautifully subtle nickel plating. Superb in contemporary or traditional interiors. Clean with any quality nickel polish. PL- INT

Satin Nickel (SN)

Solid brass, polished, individually hammered a thousand times, and finished with a fantastic, flat satin nickel plating, no brushwork. A superbly versatile finish that will stand the test of time. PL-INT


Turnstyle Designs own proprietary composite blend of materials has been perfected since 1992. Each finish is made up of its own unique blend of materials that run throughout the handle. Every piece is hand cast and hand machined before being finished in 2-3 separate processes that can take up to four hours to produce the perfect finish.

Warm to the touch, tactile and incredibly detailed our Amalfine™ finishes are also extremely durable and maintenance free. Each design and pattern translates differently according to the finish, see our website to view all designs in all finishes. Please note Amalfine™ designs are recommended for interior use only. Learn more about maintaining our Amalfine™ finishes.



Stained and polished to produce a beautiful, subtle, rich dark finish reminiscent of Bakelite. Highly versatile in many styles.


A deep black with a slightly reflective bronze sheen. Real bronze mixed with dyed marble composite.


Real bronze, cold cast and then finished with a rich dark patina.



A blend of cold cast aluminium, pewter plus one or two hidden ingredients, deeply polished for many hours to ensure a long, long lasting finish.


Only available in Shagreen, Hickory, Bullet and Labyrinth products and designs, the combination of dark and light provides a natural and subtle finish.


Cast to order and only available in the smoother designs, Bone is made from 80% marble granules, very life like with variations between batches. Made to order only, and only applicable to non textured designs.


Learn more about maintaining our leather finishes.


Turnstyle Designs have been making leather door and cabinet hardware for more than 20 years, far longer than any of our peers. Perfecting the process, all our handles are bonded and hand stitched using only the finest full grain, vegetable tanned bridal leather.


A deep, rich reddy brown, supplied with a natural thread as standard.


A rich dark brown, our most popular colour, finished with a dark brown thread.


A solid classic, sold with black stitching as standard, a safe choice with any background.


A light brown, natural finish, that will have dark and light tones according to stitchwork and moulding. Made with a natural stitch to compliment it perfectly.


Our latest addition, very much on trend at the moment, set to be a future classic. Supplied with a silver grey thread.


White leather, white thread and white edging for a clean and very contemporary look.

woven leather

Four classic finishes made from seamless cross weave leather, supplied by a small Italian specialist that has perfected the art of weaving flat strands of leather into seamless tubes. Bonded onto specially produced recessed brass work to retain and preserve the cut ends.


A reddish brown mix of woven strands to produce our best selling classic.


A beautiful mid grey with a timeless smokey undertone.


A dark yellowish mix of woven leather with dark edging.


Like the bird, a beautiful reflective black sheen, that comes alive as light catches it.

faux leather

 For our Flush pull handles we substitute the leather for faux leather, with finishes that match perfectly to our four main TD colours. This helps to avoid inevitable scratch marks that are caused by finger nails.  We also offer faux leather as a custom option on all our Recess Leather products by request.  We currently only offer bonded or stitch in designs for Faux leather options. Contact our sales team for more information.



Colour match to our TD Black leather


Colour match to our TD Chestnut leather



Colour match to our TD Chocolate leather


Colour match to our TD Slate Grey leather

Finish Swatch Book

 Branded presentation book containing a full range of Leather, Amalfine™ and Brass finishes. Discover all of Turnstyle Designs signature finishes and learn more about the hand crafted process behind them. Each swatch is labelled for easy identification with the name and short code. 

This book is the perfect visual aid, helping you or the client get a true feel of what finish options Turnstyle Designs have to offer.

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made to measure

On certain products, we offer a ‘Made to Measure’ service, where customers can request custom lengths.

This product is available for bespoke sizes, please contact our sales team to discuss further [email protected]

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