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Cocoa (CO)

Stained and polished to produce a beautiful, subtle, rich dark finish reminiscent of Bakelite. Highly versatile in many styles.

Black Bronze
Black Bronze (BB)

A deep black with a slightly reflective bronze sheen. Real Bronze mixed with dyed marble composite.

Alupewt (AP)

A blend of cold cast aluminium, pewter plus one or two hidden ingredients, deeply polished for many hours to ensure a long, long lasting finish

Silver Bronze
Silver Bronze (SB)

Real Bronze, cold cast and then finished with a rich dark patina.

Sand (SA)

Only available with specific designs such as Shagreen, Labyrinth, Hickory and Bullet. Dyed marble, with a dark stain to produce a highly unique finish.

Bone (BN)

Cast to order and only available in the smoother designs, Bone is made from 80% marble granules, very life like with variations between batches.


Bright Chrome
Bright Chrome (BC)

Sometimes referred to as Polished Chrome, solid brass base, highly polished, nickel base coat with a durable chrome top coat. Easy to maintain and our most durable finish.

Satin Nickel
Satin Nickel (SN)

Still our most popular plated finish, solid brass with a fantastic, flat satin nickel plating, no brushwork. A superbly versatile finish that will stand the test of time.

Polished Nickel
Polished Nickel (PN)

Solid brass base, finished with our beaut