reducing our carbon footprint

Sustainability is a part of the Turnstyle DNA and we ensure that we are continually responsible for minimising our waste output and reducing our carbon footprint

bio-degradable alternatives

We have removed 99% of single use plastics from our packaging and replaced them with fast and completely biodegradable alternatives. We operate from a highly insulated factory and offices, using our own solar energy source. We recycle everything where possible, including canteen waste.

reducing carbon emissions

We are working hard with all our staff and clients to cut down air-travel, and endeavour to replace as many face to face meetings as we can with online sales and training sessions. Our ‘Bike to work’ incentive scheme offers team members the opportunity to reduce their carbon emissions, while keeping fit and all our in-house food ordering is organic and locally produced.

energy efficiency

Our head office building in Devon has been insulated with double the amount of installation than normal building regulations, ensuring we use as little emissions as possible during the colder months. The energy we do use is majority solar and works alongside our heat exchange system which allows for efficiency in what we do use. We try to maintain as little energy use as possible with staff diligence in turning screens off when not in use and making sure lights and other unused items are not left on.

environmentally conscious

Even our materials are environmentally conscious, such as our leather which is tanned with natural vegetable dyes sourced from Italy. Our trademark Amalfine™ material is also made up of a composite blend, which includes biproducts such as marble dust. Best of all we make our handles to last, strongly believing that if you buy well and there is only a need to buy once. Not only do we use sustainable material for our products, but for our staff uniforms too. All Turnstyle uniforms are made from 100% organic cotton, making them excellent quality, comfortable to wear and long lasting.

we are carbon negative

With donations for tree preservation and planting, we have offset our carbon footprint three-fold, making us carbon negative. As proud members of ‘1% for the planet’, we donate 1% or more of our annual turnover to environmental causes and organisations

As part of working with 1% of the planet, we will be sponsoring both local and national charities such as the ones listed below


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made to measure

On certain products, we offer a ‘Made to Measure’ service, where customers can request custom lengths.

This product is available for bespoke sizes, please contact our sales team to discuss further

Or head to our ‘Bespoke’ section on the website.


Based in the beautiful Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, our showroom holds our entire range of Turnstyle Designs products as well as other components to create your own unique looks.

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