Perfect Pairing: Restored doors & bespoke handles

April 22, 2024

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Every detail matters: A restoration project by Lo Architectuur

Every detail matters: A restoration project by Lo Architectuur

In design and renovation every detail matters. From grand architectural changes to small delicate details, each element creates a link that ties together the overall look and feel of the space.


LO Architectuur took on this neo classical, town house restoration project in Antwerp. Their task, to retsore and modernise while maintaining the character and details found in this beautiful building. Old beams and doors were restored using traditional techniques, preserving as much of the original craftmanship as possible.

Un-used attic space was transformed into an office, relaxing cigar room and extra guest bed. Wanting to breathe life into the newly restored doors, aided by Turnstyle Designs Belgian representative Azzari, the perfect door hardware was chosen for these bespoke doors.

“We wanted to give the project a custom, high-end but very tactile finish. The old doors were refurbished, and we were looking for handles to complement their beauty. Through Azzari, we got to know the Turnstyle Designs brand and were immediately sold. We loved the option to custom pick our handles through the finish combinations and large range of designs and products to choose from.”


After narrowing their choice down to two designs, the client selected the Flute Combination Amalfine™ door lever. This lever design also sits alongside a smaller complementary cabinet knob chosen in the same metal finish for other cupboards around the property.

Photo credit: Thibault De Schepper

“The handles truly compliment the doors and carpentry so well and elevate the project to another level. The Cocoa and Fine Antique Brass finish combination stands out against the neutral and cool colours of the doors. The warm Amalfine™ and brass combination works beautifully alongside other aspects like flooring and joinery around the residence.”

This project is a perfect example of how investing in high end hardware honours the history of a property whilst embracing elements of modern design and transformation.


Door Lever in Cocoa with Fine Antique Brass

Large Round Solid

Cabinet Knob in Fine Antique Brass


“LO is the architectural office of Laura Sainderichin, where both architecture and interior are given a place and where total concepts are custom-tailored in which interior and exterior are in harmony with each other.

We design spaces from the inside, through intimacy on the one hand, and through movement on the other hand.

Every project is based on specific conditions such as program, users, budget, surroundings… with these elements we try to create a feeling more than a rational solution.

Without compromising functionality and comfort, we try to clear all unnecessary things and create an architecture with a soul.

We like natural, honest and classical materials, which are used in a modern way and result in a timeless architecture.”

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Perfect Pairing: Restored doors & bespoke handles

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