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February 23, 2023

It’s all about the furniture…AND OF COURSE, THE HANDLES

The place where we spend a lot of our time, even if we are asleep for most of it, the bedroom is an important space within any home.

Wellness Living

Primarily a dedicated zone for rest, it’s where we go to relax, unwind, and sleep. As we enter a new year and new forecast, bedroom design specifically is becoming highly influenced by these upcoming trends such as ‘wellness’ and ‘wellness living’. For many it’s about creating a space of calm, a sanctuary to escape from the long day and recuperate ready for the next. For others it’s about expressing themselves and their personalities after years of lockdown and confinement. Designers are expected to see everything from Airy styles and cosy upholstery to funky ‘mush-room’ décor and ethically made, sustainable furniture.

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We’ve seen buying habits evolve so much over the last 5 years. It’s no longer enough for a brand to simply label itself as “eco-friendly”. Today’s savvy consumer digs deeper and is more demanding when it comes to sustainable and ethical practices.At Naturalmat sustainability has been baked into our business from day one. From our solar-powered workshop to plastic free deliveries, we’ve pioneered sustainability in our industry for over 20 years. When it comes to our all-natural materials, we prioritise certified and sustainable sources - better materials, better for the planet.Our latest innovation comes in the shape of our Mattress For Life Initiative™. When your mattress reaches the end of its life, you have 3 choices - Refurbish, Recycle or Donate - ensuring our mattresses never go to landfill.

For children, the bedroom can be a place for fun and imagination. A bunk room is always a playful direction for a child’s room or even to host family or friends. Fun spaces, however, don’t mean they need to lack quality. If anything, the hardware in these rooms will be used more frequently than most. Underbed storage creates functionality and will be widely used to store toys or extra bedding, so a quality handle in the correct style should always be considered, helping avoid stubbed toes or knocked ankles!

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Creating the ultimate tranquil bedroom is something that is very easy to achieve with the right design team. The bedroom is one of the easiest rooms to refresh be that by yourself or using a committed interior designer.

Frame your room with opulence

We all know why you should have a good quality bed for a bedroom. When it comes to bedside tables though, they are not just for functionality and storage, they frame the main event of the bedroom, a bed. View the pieces of furniture in a bedroom like the frame for a beautiful painting. Frame your bed like you would that painting, with quality products that will last and look amazing whilst doing so.

Often, it can be your choice of handles that really make your decor unique, so it’s worth spending time on selecting what’s best for you. It’s not just how your handles look, like we mentioned above, functionality and feel is key and makes a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the room.

Jewellery for the home

In keeping with the ‘wellness living’ trend, consumers quest to refresh their homes or furniture with only the best, to appreciate quality and surround themselves the highest standard products are becoming increasingly more popular. Embellishing their interiors and furniture like they would an outfit with the perfect finishing touch.

Over the last few years there has been greater awareness of mental health and the subtle things we can do to improve our mindset. The art of ‘Wellness Living’ has certainly become an important aspect of many people lives. Sleep is core to our mental wellbeing and our body’s immune system so comfort and quality really do matter. Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep so we have curated a wide range of fabrics to suit most budgets enabling clients and designers to choose the right fabrics for their client’s needs. We work along side many of the world’s leading residential and yacht interior designers designing and creating our products to enhance the overall look and feel of each room.

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Bringing that touch of luxury is what 2023 is all about, and what better place to start than with our luxury, handmade hardware produced in North Devon, England. By updating or designing interiors with high end fittings and fixtures, you can create the perfect, opulent looking space with the simplest of ways.

Dress to Impress

Whether it is dressing rooms, bedside tables, wardrobes, or en-suites, we offer a range of beautiful hardware designed to fit any interior style and space. If you can’t find something from the 1000’s of design and finish combinations, we also offer a customization option to help you can create unique and bespoke hardware.

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