Proud members of the Living Wage Foundation

May 27, 2024

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We have always ensured we pay our staff a living wage and are now proud to become an accredited member of the Living Wage Foundation. The Living Wage campaign is one of the most successful campaigns of the past quarter of a century, believing a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay.  

What is the living wage foundation?

The Living Wage Foundation is in place to encourage UK businesses across all industries to provide a fair living wage. The objective is to ensure all employees are paid a real living wage. The living wage is an hourly rate of pay, calculated each year based on the real cost of living in the UK and London.

Thousands of businesses have chosen to give their employees a true living wage instead of the government’s minimum wage.

"We’re delighted that Turnstyle Designs has joined the movement of over 14,000 responsible employers across the UK who voluntarily commit to go further than the government minimum to make sure all their staff earn enough to live on."


Turnstyle Designs joined the Living Wage Foundation because we have always believed that our employees deserve a fair living wage. With living costs rising continuously, we decided it was only fair to formally commit to reflecting this increase in our team wages.

We choose the living wage as opposed to the government minimum wage, as we feel the living wage represents a true living wage. The living wage considers the fluctuations in the cost of food, household bills, and other necessities. Opposed to the government minimum wage, which does not consider these rising living expenses.

Becoming a Living Wage accredited employer is important to us as an employer to show our team that we are committed to ethical employment practices and paying a fair wage.

“The cost of living has been a major concern of mine. Essentials like food shopping have increased dramatically in price, making it difficult to enjoy special luxuries like dinner out with the family. Being part of the Living Wage Foundation means these special moments can be enjoyed without worry."

To find out more about Living Wage Foundation, visit their website 

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Proud members of the Living Wage Foundation

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