Barrel, Solid Hammered, Cabinet Pull,HS1197_BH, BH,Solid Hammered Scroll,Barrel Stitch Out,Recess Leather, R1075_BL,FA_Chaco West_TAG C Blake Homes -KITCHEN_3

Scroll Solid Hammered Cabinet Handle HS2231_PU_TAG fox Interiors_Wardobe

Scroll Solid Cabinet Handle S2231_Bright Chrome_TAG William Lougridge Bespoke, Farrow and Ball (1)

Barrel Stitched Collection_R2598,R1075(50),R1133,R33079,R1024,QL2004,R4224,R1911.KL5787,R1910,R1512,R2232,R1285,R4150,R1026,R1928R5065,S1041,R3150,S2829,UK Hinge_CT,FA

Barrel (Stitch Out) Recess Leather Scroll and Cabinet T Bar R2232, R4150_Chocolate Leather, Fine Antique Brass (1)

Barrel Stitched Collection_R2598,R1075(46),R1133,R33079,R1024,QL2004,R4224,R1911.KL5787,R1910,R1512,R2232,R1285,R4150,R1026,R1928R5065,S1041,R3150,S2829,UK Hinge_CT,FA_EDITED

Barrel (SO) R Leather Collection-R1024,R3073,R4224(Custom)S1041,R1075,R2598,R3123,r1512,R1910,r1026,R5065_TN,SN _ (1)

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made to measure

On certain products, we offer a ‘Made to Measure’ service, where customers can request custom lengths.

This product is available for bespoke sizes, please contact our sales team to discuss further [email protected]

Or head to our ‘Bespoke’ section on the website.