Banded Egg Amalfine Door Knob D7568_Alupewt, Satin Nickel (2)

Saturn Amalfine Door Knob D6633_Cocoa,Fine Antique Brass (1)

Woven Leather Barrel Door Levers R2076_Tabacco_Bright Chrome (2)

Woven Leather Barrel Recess Leather Door Lever R2076_Tabaco Leather, Bright Chrome

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made to measure

On certain products, we offer a ‘Made to Measure’ service, where customers can request custom lengths.

This product is available for bespoke sizes, please contact our sales team to discuss further

Or head to our ‘Bespoke’ section on the website.


Learn more about our Modify and Tailor Made services, where we offer custom solutions for your luxury hardware. Talk to our sales team to find out more.